GO-2000 is a goniophotometer with facility for turning the light source in CIE B-β or C--γ coordinate system. Besides the measurement of luminous intensity distribution and luminous flux, GO-2000 can measure spatial light distribution, spatial color distribution of lamps and luminaries.



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1.Basic principles:

GO-2000 is a goniophotometer with facility for turning the light source in CIE B-β and C-γ coordinate system. The light source and the photometer head are intalled horizontally. 



CIE C-γ Solution                                              

CIE B-β Solution

2.Technical specifications

The construction of GO-2000 is simple and it can realize higher angle accuracy. Compared with type C goniophotometer, GO-2000 requires lower darkroom space and lower cost. For incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamp,metal halide lamp and other light, the lighting burning position has an direct effect on the light fluctuation of the tested light source , then affect the test accuracy. Especially for the gas discharge lamp, the influence is obvious. Usually the test error can be up to several percent or more than ten percent. For solid state lighting, like LED products, the lighting burning position has little effect on light output . but it has an great effect on heat dissipation of LED, which is very important for LED products and has a indirect effect on the light output.

  1. Main technical specifications

1) The light source rotates around both horizontal axis and vertical axis, while the photometer head is fixed. Range of rotation angle: ±180°;

2) Angle accuracy:up to 0.05°;

3) Photometer head: CLASS L(f1'<1.5%) or CLASS A (f1'<3.0%),Pre-amplified and constant-temperatured.

4) The measuring range of illuminance: 0.0001lx—200klx;

5) Accuracy of photometry: ±1.0% (For the calibrated standard luminous intensity lamp)

6) Precise and stable mechanical construction make the goniometer rotate stable and low noise, the rotation can be remote controlled.

7) Laser is applied for alignment during the installation of luminarie. It can realize measuremet with higher accuracy and test result can be exported in CIE, IESNA(95,2001)、EULUMDAT、CIBSE( TM14) file format. And the output file directly match international Universal Lighting Design Software such as Dialux, AGI32, Lumen-Micro.


  1. Documents output data
    1)*.GOS  EVERFINE GO-R series photometry data file 
    2) *.CIE  CIE  file
    3) *.CEN  CEN file

4) *.IES  IESNA file

5) *.Tm14 TM14 file
6) *.CIB  CIBSE file
7) *.EUT  EULUMDAT file