Surge Calibration
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Address:6F, No. 347, Jingxin St, Zhonghe Dist,New Taipei City 235 ,
Taiwan, R.O.C

      JET-POWER TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: JPT),
JPT has been established in strict accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, and JPT has obtained the TAF certificate.

JPT calibration capabilities include ESD, SURGE, EFT, CLAMP, DIP, LISN,


  •  Each brand can be calibrated
  • Meet the standard for IEC61000-4-5
  • IEC61000-4-2 ESD calibration

Noiseken:ESS-2002 / ESS-2002ES / ESS-2001 / ESS-200AX /ESS-2000 /ESS-B3011A /ESS-B3011 /ESS-S3011A calibration

EMC PARTNER: TRA2000 / TRA3000 /IMU4000 /IMU3000 /ESD3000 calibration

TESEQ/Schaffner:NSG435 / NSG437 /NSG438/NSG3040 calibration

Keytek/Thermo: MZ-15EC calibration

EM TEST:DITO calibration

Prima:ESD61002TC calibration


  • IEC61000-4-4 EFT calibration

Noiseken: FNS-AX4-A20/ FNS-AX4-B63 / 15-00009A / 15-00012A /15-00001A calibration

SKYLARK:EFT-404CX calibration

EMC-PARTNER:TRANSIENT-2000IN4/TRA2000 / TRA3000 /IMU4000 /IMU3000 calibration

3C TEST:EFTC  calibration

LIONCEL:EFTC calibration

TESEQ:NSG3040 calibration

Prima:PEFT6010 /PEFT6030/PEFT6030G/calibration


  • IEC61000-4-5  SURGE calibration

EMC PARTNER:TRA2000 / TRA3000 /IMU4000 /IMU3000/MIG0603IN1 / MIG0603IN2 /MIG0603IN3 /MIG1206-1P calibration

Noiseken: LSS-6230A / LSS-F03A3A / LSS-F02A1-G819 /LSS-15AX-C1 calibration

EM TEST:Tsurge7 calibration

EVERFINE:EMS61000-5B/EMS61000-5D/EMS61000-5C calibration

TESEQ:NSG3040 calibration




  • IEC61000-4-8  PFMF calibration

EMC-PARTNER :MF1000-1 calibration


  • IEC61000-4-9  Impulse magnetic calibration

EMC-PARTNER :MF1000-1 calibration



  • IEC61000-4-11  DIP calibration

Noiseken:VDS-2002 calibration

KeyTek :EMC Pro calibration

TESEQ:NSG3040 calibration

3C TEST:VMT 2612S calibration

EM-TEST:VARIC NX1-260-16 calibration

Prima: PDIP6010 calibration

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