Surge Generator to New Height--Up to 20kV

Surge Generator to New Height-Up to 20kV


There are more than 100 times thunder and lightning per second all over the world, and the transient

phenomena of power grid system switches happens frequently, which can not only cause equipment

malfunction, but also direct economic losses even casualties. Surge immunity test mainly simulates the

surge caused by power grid system switch and thunder and lightning (direct surge is not considered

here). When the equipment is working in the specified condition, exerting a certain harmful surge

voltage or current by surge generator to evaluate the surge immunity ability of them.



Types of Surge Generator

There are different kinds of test waveform such as 1.2/50us combination wave (suitable for the ports

which are connected to power lines and signal interconnect lines with short distance), 10/700us

combination wave (suitable for ports which are connected to the symmetrical communication lines),

railway surge signal waveform, resistance surge signal waveform and the test waveform regulated in

GR-1089-CORE (2/10us, 10/250us, 10/360us, 10/1000us) which can be used for different EUT. The

surge generator should accurately impose output signal onto the EUT, and make sure there are no

interference to other devices caused by the output signals.

The open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current waveform of 1.2/50us CWG (Combination Wave

Generator) are shown in Fig.1, and its main parameters contain front time and time to half-value, etc.



EVERFINE Surge Generator

Main Characteristics

Built-in 1.2/50us CWG, and can simultaneously realize surge test as well as pulse magnetic field test

Increase the voltage by programming control, and the maximum surge voltage is up to 15kV&20kV

Built-in three-phase CDN which can realize a fully automatic switching of coupling path

Built-in voltage and current differential probes which can realize the peak-value measurement of surge

signal and threshold value setting

Built-in file system and USB port, users can easily export the test reports without communicating with PC

17-inch LCD touch screen display and the users can operate it conveniently

RJ45 communication function


EVERFINE EMS61000-5H_15kV&20kV Surge Generator

can output combination waveform accurately and stably, it

can work stably without disturbing power grid and

surrounding equipment. It is especially suitable for outdoor

products, MIL-STD products and other non-standard



EVERFINE has developed several types of surge generators for different applications, the surge

generators can be also customized according to clients' requirements. In this dazzling era which is full

of electrical equipment, the quality and safety of lighting products&equipment are particularly important.

And as the final censorship of production lines, equipment testing for QC/R&D is the most important and

reliable evidence.