About JPT

     JET-POWER TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: JPT), established in 2013. Now, ithasbecome a comprehensive third-party institution, providing service of calibration, accreditation consulting, and so on.


      JPT mainly focuses on the technology research and service provision of testing and calibration in optical,electrical, maganetic fields and so on, It has a professional technical team,

with a ample technical foundation and extensive experience in testing and calibration.The management system of

    JPT is established strictly in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025, adhering to the quality principles of "scientific method,and JPT has been granted by TAF certificates.

JPT is a system integration company for EMC & Safty & LED measuring instruments.


The company's business scope mainly includes: EMS/EMI/RF/LED/Safty equipment sales and maintenance,

anechoic chamber and isolation room construction with maintenance and Maintenance, etc. Provide professional

and rapid service of EMC equipment Provide EMC test equipment and RF test peripheral maintenance services

Providing EMC equipment for sale in the Middle AgesChangjie Technology.



          JPT takes "integrity", "professional", "innovation" and "service" as its business philosophy.

With years of service experience to help enhance customer and their own competitiveness.

As the most reliable and trustworthy partner, Changjie Technology is committed to creating the highest value for its customers.



     Changjie Technology should continue to exert its "charm, potential and competitiveness" to achieve the vision of "a company with outstanding reputation."