SEM-650 power electromagnetic field tester (portable)
The SEM-650 portable power frequency electromagnetic field tester is designed for the occupational safety protection of electric power workers in working places such as substations and AC transmission lines. A power frequency electric field and a power frequency magnetic field for monitoring the working environment of a substation and a high voltage transmission line. When the monitored value exceeds the set limit, an audible and visual alarm is given. In order to protect the power workers from long-term exposure in the strong power frequency electromagnetic field environment and damage the body safety.


       The SEM-650 portable power frequency electromagnetic field tester is an instrument used to measure the field strength of power frequency electromagnetic signals generated by electromagnetic equipment. The measuring device can couple the electromagnetic field in the space, directly calculate the AC signal, and send the measurement result to the host or other numerical display device through the optical fiber, the serial port, the Bluetooth, and the like.

The monitoring data of the SEM-650 supports the display of monitoring data on the mobile APP by wirelessly connecting the smartphone. At the same time, built-in temperature and humidity sensor to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment.

Design standard: Q/CPSFK0001-2017 power frequency electromagnetic field measuring instrument

IEEE1309-2013 IEEE Standard for Calibration of Electromagnetic Field Sensors and Probe (ExcludingAntennas) from 9kHz-40GHz

GB/T 12720-91 power frequency electric field measurement

GB 8702-2014 electromagnetic environment control limit

DL/T988-2005 High-voltage AC overhead transmission line, substation power frequency electric field and magnetic field measurement method

Monitoring frequency range: 30Hz-2kHz, electric field range: 5V/m-100kV/m, magnetic field range: 100nT-10mT.


The main performance indicators are as follows:

Frequency range: 30Hz-1kHz

Measurement tolerance: ±5%;

The electric field resolution: 0. 1V / m;

Electric field range: 1V/m-100kV/m;

Magnetic field resolution: 0.01uT;

Magnetic field range: 0.1uT-3mT;

Isotropic error: ±0.4dB;

Linearity error: ±0.4dB;

Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C;

Working humidity: 4% ~ 90% RH @ 25 ° C;

Power supply time: 2 hours;

Communication method: Bluetooth Bluetooth