Low Frequency EMF Analyzer LF-01
LF-01,used together with SEMC-600 EMF Meter,
is an omnidirectional low-frequency lectromagnetic field probe.
it's frequency range covers 1HZ-100kHz (electronic field), 1Hz-100kHz (magnetic field).


■Measure electric field and magnetic field strength

■Frequency range 1Hz-100KHz

■With tri-axial (antenna) built-in, and connect with the SEM-600 meter via fiber-optic. The probe can also work indepently

■Measurement results of Power frequency electric field and magnetic field can be displayed simultaneously, without switching

■Remote control via optical fiber to avoid electromagnetic interference caused by metal cables

■The 4.2V, 9000mAh large capacity lithiumion battery supports 24 operating hours after power on.

■Specially designed replaceable battery box for easy replacement

■Portable insulated tripod to avoid the impact of humidity on the power frequency electric field measurement



■Low frequency EMF measurement for Power Transmission, Grid, Hausehold Appliance,Subway, High Speed Rail, Charging Pile etc.

■High frequency EMF measuring for Base-station, Radar, Navigation Station,

■E & H field monitoring for long-wave, medium-wave, shortwave, ultra-shortwave Radio and Television Transmission facilities

■Measurement for wireless power charging equipments

■Electromagnetic radiation leaking test for Induction Furnace, Drying Equipment, Microwave Oven, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Equipment

■Workplace testing for electromagnetic radiation exposure

■Safety assessment of electromagnetic environment

■Safety assessment of electromagnetic exposure in electronic warfare defence