NVSR-2000 Night Vision Spectral Radiance Meter
Covers visible and infrared wavelength measurements
High test sensitivity
NVIS weighted radiance is more than 1.7*E-11W/(cm2*sr*nm)

Covers visible and infrared wavelength measurements

High test sensitivity

NVIS weighted radiance is more than 1.7*E-11W/(cm2*sr*nm)


NVSR-2000 Night Version Spectral Radiance Meter is a spectroradiometer that measures spectrum,color,luminance,radiance,and night vision radiance for night version products in VIS-NIR region.It has high test accuracy and software analysis functions,which fully meets the requirements of many domestic and foreign standards such as MIL-STD3009 and GJB1394.

Main characteristics

1)Measure parameters at  the visible and infrared wavelength, such as luminance,radiance, the night vision weighted radiance NVIS value, relative spectral power distribution P (λ); chromaticity coordinates (x, y), (u ', v'); correlated color temperature: Tc ; Color rendering index: Ra; Ri (i = 1 ~ 14) (special calculation R15); color tolerance; peak wavelength, half width, purity, dominant wavelength; red ratio and other parameters.

2)Wavelength range cover 380-950nm

3)The weighted calculation of the night vision radiance value is in accordance with  requirements of GJB1394-92 and the night vision imaging system compatible aircraft interior lighting standard



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1) Wavelength range:no less than 380-950nm

2) Display wavelength bandwidth:1.0nm,Wavelength accuracy:±0.3nm

3) View angle:8°

4) Measurement distance:300mm to infinity(standard lens)

5) Spectral radiance sensitivity accuracy:NVIS weighted radiance is more than 1.7*E-11W/(cm2 *sr* nm)

6)Zero drift:< 0.1%