Night vision compatible lighting and display system measurement


            Night Vision Imaging System,NVIS  a device that can produce a visible image at night   or in a near-black environment, typically converting visible light and near-infrared visible light. In addition to military applications, NVIS is also used in night patrols, detections, law enforcement, etc. of public security, armed police and other departments, as well as nighttime monitoring and security of important materials and warehouses of banks.

Night view (picture from the network)


To ensure the successful application of the NVIS system,The implementation of NVIS-Compatibility is critical. The so-called night vision compatibility means that the lighting system inside and outside the aircraft does not interfere with the NVIS and remains visible to the naked eye. If the illumination and display system in the aircraft emits more red and infrared light components, it will interfere with NVIS and the following problems will occur:


● Makes NVIS glow and reduces image readability
● Reduce the readability and sensitivity of NVIS
● The red light generated by the light source through reflection will cause the NVIS to appear ghost
     Night vision compatibility is achieved through the use of night vision compatible lighting and night vision compatible display systems.
To measure whether lighting or display meets night vision compatibility, there are two main indicators: night vision radiance (NR) and chrominance.
Reference standards include the US military standard MIL-L-85762A, MIL-STD-3009 and the national military standard GJB11394 "Aircraft interior lighting compatible with night vision imaging system".
NVIS night vision compatibility measurement
        To accurately evaluate night vision compatibility of NVIS, the measurement of the spectral radiance distribution of night vision compatible lighting and display systems is critical.
Everfine has introduced the NVSR-2000 Night Vision Spectral Radiation Meter for Aircraft Night Vision Compatible Lighting and Display Systems, which is designed for spectrum, color, brightness, radiance, and night vision radiance for night-vision products in the visible-near-infrared range. The spectroscopic radiance meter with equal parameter measurement fully meets the requirements of the US military standard and the Chinese military standard.













Relative spectrum of typical night vision compatible illumination


Typical application (picture from the network)
The picture on the left is the interior lighting and display system, and the picture on the right is the night vision compatible LED.